Mystery Discovery Box 12 Bags of Fudge

Mystery Discovery Box 12 bags for £35! By Yum Yum Tree Fudge

Discover 12 of our amazing flavours without having to make the toughest of choices from our 50+ flavours. 

In your order, you will receive our amazing Gold Gift Box with a unique scented Yum Yum Tree Logo, 12 mystery flavours and that tingly feeling of anticipation when you open the box. 

With the exception of dairy free or vegan needs, we will not be able to cater to any other specific requests.

  • Ingredients list

    Please refer to individual flavour pages for ingredients 

    Keep out of reach of dogs.

  • Nutritional Information

    Please refer to individual flavour pages for nutritional values

  • Storage Instructions

    The room temperature Best Before Date can be found on the back of each bag of Fudge. 

    Online orders will have at least 1 month Best Before date.

    Store bags unopened in the fridge for an extra month past the best before date or frozen for an extra 6 months in the freezer.

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