About Us

Hi, it’s Lily and Adrian here from Yum Yum Tree Fudge, Lily - we hope you enjoy our fudge, our aim is to make of the best and most scrumptious luxury fudge in the UK.

Yum Yum Tree fudge came about from the idea of making delicious fudge as pr
esents for friends and family.  Gift giving in our family is a virtuous act that brings joy to both the recipient and the giver, so with ‘Yum Yum’ our fudge shows how much you care

We spent more than 14 years creating the best possible fudge for you. We invested a lot into research and development to find extraordinary and unique flavours for you to enjoy, to date we have created more than 90 flavours! 

What we love about Yum Yum Tree is you, our customers. We love to meet and interact with our new and loyal,  fudge loving customers. You inspire us to keep doing what we love.

We hope that you enjoy our fudge. Making fudge is an art worth perfecting, so this is all we do!

Most people who have tried our fudge say we have achieved our mission to produce the best tasting fudge, but we continue to look for ways to make our fudge even better. We don't let the cost of ingredients get in the way of the quality of our fudge. We believe premium ingredients are essential to quality fudge, so we always source the finest ingredients, and that's what makes us different. 

We have always used natural flavours and our sugar is locally sourced. From East Anglia the home of sugar beet cultivation or to us, our home. 

Have you ever wondered why we are called Yum Yum TREE Fudge? Well, this is our connection to a remarkable yummy tree. We use a small amount of a natural sweetener derived from birch TREES.  This protects your teeth, so you don’t get that furriness after eating and it keeps a fresh fudge lasting longer.