Hello, this is Lily and Adrian of Yum Yum Tree Fudge, we aim to make the best quality fudge in the UK.

Our 9-year journey to making the best fudge possible requires a lot of challenging work, from all the research and development to trailing and erring and finding extraordinary flavours unique to us. We have created more than 80 flavours to date. 

One of the best parts of our little business is meeting and interacting with our new and loyal customers, who inspire us and encourage to keep doing what we love.

Most say we have achieved our mission, but we continue to strive to make our fudge even better, we do not allow the cost of premium ingredients affect our decision for their use. In fact, we try and source the finest ingredients because it is what sets us apart from others.

We use only natural flavours, British Butter, British Milk and British Sugar. We try to reduce the amount of sugar in our fudge and replace it with a natural sweetener derived from birch trees. Ever wondered why Yum Yum 'Tree' Fudge? Well this is the connection.

Yum Yum Tree Fudge came about from a chance idea of making delicious fudge as presents for friends and family at Christmas. I never forget my mum’s teachings of the virtues of giving, that it is an opportunity to bring real joy to both the recipient and the giver, so a gift should always be the best that one could make or afford. 

We hope you enjoy our fudge, we only make fudge and nothing else, because we strive always to perfect the art.


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