No Added Sugar Fudge (Plain/Scottish Tablet)

This No Added Sugar fudge is made with a natural sweetener from Norwegian birch trees. It has a crumbly texture similar to Scottish Tablet but with a fraction of the sugars. The sugar present in this fudge comes only from the lactose that is naturally occurring in milk.

Perfect for anyone trying to cut down on sugar but still wants to enjoy a sweet treat.

Plain No Added Sugar Fudge Ingredients 85g

Made with a Sweetener 

Sweetener (Xylitol), Evaporated Milk, Salted Butter (Milk & Salt) Dried Skimmed Milk & Sea Salt.

Naturally occurring sugars from milk present 

Carbohydrates - 36g per bag, 

Sugars – 8% per bag

(May have a laxative effect with excessive consumption for some people)

For Human Consumption only 


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