Double Espresso Fudge

Double Espresso Fudge 100g by Yum Yum Tree Fudge

As part of our Coffee Collection, Double Espresso Fudge is made with a dark roast coffee, to produce a rich aroma and full-bodied taste with great depth of flavour.

Make sure to buy this for the coffee lover in your life.

No artificial colours or flavours, suitable for vegetarians, gluten-free and no nuts in any of our recipes. Can also be eaten frozen! 

  • Ingredients list

    Double Espresso Coffee Fudge with Sugar & Sweetener  100g    

    Ingredients: Sugar, Condensed Milk (Milk & Sugar), Salted Butter (Milk & Salt), Sweetener (Xylitol), Dark Roast Coffee 4% (Coffee & Water), Belgian White Chocolate (Cocoa Mass, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier: Soya Lecithin E322, Natural Vanilla Flavouring), Sea Salt & Milk.   

    Keep out of reach of dogs.

  • Nutritional Information

    Double Espresso Coffee Fudge

    Typical Values         Per 100g    Per 50g serving

    Energy                          1683kJ          842kJ

                                         399kcal        200kcal

    Fat                                13g                6.3g

    (saturates)                    7.9g         4.0g

    Carbohydrates             67g        33g

    (of which sugars)         67g         33.g

    Protein                          3.6g             1.8g

    Salt                                0.79g            0.39g

  • Storage Instructions

    The Best Before Date found on the back of each bag of fudge relates to ambient storage, away from any heat source or direct sun.  

    Online orders will receive fudge with a minimum 1 month Best Before date.

    Store unopened in the fridge for an extra month past the best before date or in the freezer for an extra 6 months, enjoy within 1 week once thawed. 

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